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Thank you, Katie Hamrick for finding this fun video!   😀  http://www.gettyimages.com/search/more-like-this/125954633?excludenudity=true&family=editorial&phrase=lloyd%20haynes&sort=best#license

“The most fun began at the starting line when Lloyd Haynes…..SOAP BOX DERBY

Friday, August 14, 1070, the Akron Beacon Journal reports; The most fun began at the starting line when Lloyd Haynes tried to squeeze into the tight cockpit of his racer and found out he would not fit. He stood up and raised his arms, appealing to the crowd, “I can’t get into this thing!” The crowd cheered him on, and his racing mates jeered. It was great fun for everyone. His engineering skills came to his assistance as he extracted three wooden dowels, arranged to look like exhaust stacks, from the rear of his racer. He tried again to get into his car and succeeded. However, he was lying on his stomach, and both Lloyd and the crowd started laughing. The crowd was cheering and delighted with his persistence and humor as he finally squirmed into position, but, because of his height, had to sit bolt upright. His shorter in stature running mates joked that they could lean forward like true Soap Box Derby drivers, to cut down wind resistance. One reporter said, “It was entertainment at its best.”