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LLOYD HAYNES played the fictional character Ken Morgan on the ABC soap opera General Hospital from 1984-1987.

Part 2  In early 1985, Morgan (Lloyd Haynes) was openly planning a run for the New York State Senate, and then changed his mind at the last minute and ran against Lee Baldwin, the incumbent (but un-elected) Mayor of Port Charles. He made promises such as cutting the police budget by eliminating the pricey townhouse utilized by Commissioner Scorpio, which helped him beat Lee Baldwin.

As Mayor-Elect, Morgan agreed with the decision made by Lee not to appoint Burt Ramsey the Police Commissioner to replace the outgoing Commissioner Scorpio. He did, though, agree to Scorpio’s proposal to name Anna Devane and Burt co-Chiefs of Police, thinking that he would, at some point, appoint one of them to the post of Commissioner. This decision by Morgan had the opposite effect of embittering Burt. Which helped Ken Morgan make the decision to join the mob!

At age 20, Lloyd suffered a broken back while serving in the Marines. Although he healed quickly, a nagging life-long discomfort remained. In 1985 discomfort escalated to include neck pain who’s origin doctors could not find. Lloyd, however, continued to play the part of Ken Morgan faithfully every week throughout the year. General Hospital will always have a special place in my heart because of the care and thoughtfulness of the people involved in all facet’s of the show. Their love, kindness, and integrity still take my breath away. Until next week…