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LLOYD HAYNES played the fictional character Ken Morgan on the ABC soap opera General Hospital from 1984-1987.

Part 3  Joining the mob, was a scandal which eventually engulfed the department, causing the Port Charles Police Department to be eventually taken over by the state of New York and overseen by the State Police Commissioner for a time in the late nineteen eighties.

Morgan was also quite heavily involved as Mayor with the waterfront redevelopment, another scheme exposed as a mob front.  Compared to the quiet, but relatively scandal-free Baldwin administration, Morgan’s tenure as Mayor was quite unsuccessful. Last seen on-screen in early December of 1986, it is assumed that, due to his performance as Mayor, Ken Morgan did not run for re-election and quietly retired from office.

In true General Hospital tradition, twists, turns and cliffhangers were part of Ken Morgans character, and Lloyd enjoyed every nuance. 1986 was a challenging year for Lloyd and Ken, Lloyd was battling an unknown illness, and Ken yielded himself to the mob’s heavy hand. By summer, Lloyd received the diagnosis of Lung Cancer, and the treatments began immediately. Through every debilitating treatment, Lloyd brought Ken to life on screen, and General Hospital always had Lloyd’s back.

Lloyd Haynes died at 12 midnight on New Year’s Eve, and Ken, no one knows for sure. A breathtaking moment.