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Lloyd Haynes on a field trip with under-motivated, under-achieving children attending the Education through Aviation program. 

Senator Robert P. Griffin of Michigan extolled Lloyd Haynes’, Education through Aviation program before the U. S. president and Senate and entered the statement into the congressional record.
October of 1972, a meeting convened in the Senate of the United States and its minutes entered into the proceedings and debates of the 92nd Congress in Washington D. C. Being brought before the president of the United States is the exemplary work of Mr. Lloyd Haynes with under-motivated children.
Mr. President, most Americans know Lloyd Haynes as Pete Dixon, a high school teacher on the ABC television series Room 222. Few know him as the prime mover behind an Education through Aviation program, ETA, in Santa Monica, California. The program embodies the concept of learning through aviation fostered by the Federal Aviation Administration.   https://www.facebook.com/lloydhaynesroom222/ETA OUTING019