“The Lloyd Haynes Story” is my first solo project. However, I had the good fortune to assist Sol Saks, the creator of “Bewitched,” for several years; on the re-write of “Funny Business,” a couple of his novels, screenplays, and theater productions. His accomplishments span a broad path of published author, teacher, an executive at CBS in charge of comedy, screenwriter, and writer for a myriad of comedians. During my time as his assistant, I never considered writing, even though I’d been asked to write a story or two about my dear friend, and by a wonderful providence, husband, Lloyd Haynes.

But one rainy day, my friend Alison in New York and I were emailing, back and forth and she asked a compelling question that I couldn’t answer. I said I’d have to think about it, and she responded with, “Write it down, I want to know!” I began…..Then, through numerous, fun, interesting emails, and nostalgic phone calls, I met for the first time many of Lloyd’s childhood friends and neighbors. I revisited several people he worked with and spent exceptional moments with his dear family. Best of all, I found a treasure in the garage; spotlighting a generous soul that has added significantly to the book and me.

With everyone’s help, I’ve completed a 300 page, manuscript, and will begin the process of publication.

Through this journey, I’ve had the privilege to bring you, what hopefully will be an enjoyable read.

ANGELA COVER“Help for Angela” is a true short story and my first worldwide E-Book on Amazon that I hope you’ll enjoy and feel comfortable leaving your comments on Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars.    For Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014VFV8KA

Thank you for stopping to chat. 😀

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