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“The Lloyd Haynes Story” is my first solo biography. However, I had the good-fortune to assist Sol Saks, the creator of “Bewitched,” for several years; on the re-write of “Funny Business,” a couple of his novels, screenplays, and theater productions. His accomplishments span the broad path of published author, teacher, an executive at CBS in charge of comedy, screenwriter, and writer for a myriad of comedians. During my time as his assistant, I never considered writing, even though I’d been asked to write a story or two about my dear friend, and husband, Lloyd Haynes.

But one rainy day, my friend Alison in New York and I were emailing, back and forth and she asked a compelling question that I couldn’t answer. I said I’d have to think about it, and she responded with, “Write it down, I want to know!” Through numerous, enjoyable, engaging emails, and nostalgic phone calls, I met for the first time many of Lloyd’s childhood friends and neighbors. I revisited various people he worked with and spent extraordinary moments with his dear family. Best of all, I found a treasure in the garage; spotlighting a generous soul that has added significantly to the book and me.

Through this four-year journey, I’ve had the delightful privilege to finally answer Alison’s question and bring to you, what the reviews say is, “an important historical and magical read.” I do hope you’ll take a look I think you’ll like what you find.



A FEW REVIEWS: “Superbly written…It is pure magic, Just like the photograph! She pulls the reader into the shoes of, Lloyd….Great read!” TY COPEMAN

“An insightful account of an actor’s journey to and through Hollywood as told by his wife. Great writing packed with fantastic little stories gives you a fascinating glimpse into the soul of Lloyd Haynes, his struggles and triumphs—how he overcame outward and inward barriers. Also provides an interesting look into the world of 1960-1980s Hollywood. A terrific read!” Frank Scozzari

“All baby boomers remember Mr. Dixon of the TV show Room 222. And we also remember that an African-American starring–or even being–on a television show in those days was rare indeed. In this respect, Lloyd Haynes was Larry Doby to Bill Cosby’s Jackie Robinson (a baseball reference. Larry Doby was the first African American to play in the American League, and the second African American to play in the Majors, just 3 months after Robinson. Unlike Robinson, Doby went straight from the Negro Leagues to the majors. He endured the same racial indignities–but without the accompanying celebration and place in the history books.)”

“The story of Lloyd Haynes is an important one–well beyond his time spent on a beloved TV show. His life was rich, full, and extremely difficult on many levels. And it’s a story of the changing–and unchanging–culture of America in the 1960s-1980s. The author, Carolyn Haynes, was the late actor’s wife. She is able to bring an inside perspective to the story, but this is more than a memoir. It’s a carefully researched biography too. Mr. Haynes deserves nothing less.”

“Congratulations Carolyn on the fruition of your book!” Canopic Publishing PHIL RICE

HELP FOR ANGELA, 8:22:16 NEW“”HELP FOR ANGELA” is the first in a series of short stories. A suspenseful account of Angela’s life-expanding-adventure into an exhilarating view that forever changed her frightened heart strengthened her sick body and marked destinies path.

Distribution of 12% of all royalties advances to local and worldwide charities, with an eye to an ever-increasing percentage.  

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